Cash on Delivery

Most of Indian consumers still prefer cash on delivery over online payment .


  1. It’s easy to pay at the time of delivery customer need not have any credit/debit card or wallet account.
  2. Customers can have few days in hand to arrange payment as they need not pay at the time of ordering the product.
  3. Customers feel secure and develop trust in seller with whom he is placing the order.


  1. High Returns- As customers don’t pay any single Rupee they place orders without any serious attention of buying and refuse to accept the order at the time of delivery. 70 out of 100 customers refuse to accept the parcels (having value more then 3000 rs) causing husge losses to company..Lot of Indian companies have shut down there operations owing to this.
  2. Delay in payment- Seller receive payment later leading to more investment
  3. Fake orders are placed sometimes by anti social elements and several cases are there in which courier persons have been robbed and looted.

Efforts from our side—- We have taken a initiative taking into consideration not only our concern but customer’s also. We provide customers Cash on Delivery and ask them to pay only courier charges (100 rs only for below 10000 rs orders) at the time of placing the order and to pay that 100 rs we give 2 options to our customers..

1.They can pay us online.

2. They can donate 100rs in any Mandir / Masjid/ Gurudwara / Church / any charitabale organization and send us donation slip or donation video on our whatsapp no. It helps both customer and seller to build trust with each other leading to easy and secure transaction.